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Photography was originally a way for me to get into the local drag strip when the big name racers came to town. I saw the photographer strolling around like he owned the place and nobody said anything to him! That was enough to convince me that's what I wanted to do.

Long story shorter, I went from race cars to glamour photography pretty quick but was only doing it as a "job" and not a creative obsession like it is now.

In the mid-80's I dove head-first into computer technology and by 1995 I had started my own tech support company serving the Midlands area of South Carolina. My business still serves a select group of clients and keeps me busy when I'm not shooting pictures.

My creative vision didn't surface (or was ignored) until I got my first serious digital camera around 2006. Then I discovered the freedom to shoot without all the expenses associated with film photography. My excitement for photography literally changed my life and it became a saving grace for me.
Photoshoot FAQ's
How much do you charge?
For Dance shoot pricing click here.

The Model shoot is a 3-hour studio fashion or glamour shoot that begins at $350 and includes includes the following:
  • 3 wardrobe changes or variations
  • Free digital images to share online
  • Shoot-N-Pick* proofing for studio shoot

The Premium shoot is $650 and includes includes the following:
  • 3-hour Studio shoot and location shoot
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes or variations
  • Use of available props and wardrobe items in stock
  • Free digital images to share online
  • Shoot-N-Pick* proofing for studio shoot

Custom packages can be quoted upon request. All photo shoots MUST be paid when booked.
Minors, spectators, and the model release
I do NOT photograph anyone underage without a parent or guardian present. If the model is under 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign the model release before the photo shoot begins.

If the female model is 18 or older they can bring a female companion. Sorry but no brothers, boyfriends, daddies, uncles, grandfathers, or male cousins! They offer no help when it comes to hair or makeup and usually are a distraction for female models.

If you bring one anyway, they cannot be in the shoot area. They can either sit in the waiting room for studio shoots or remain at a distance for location shoots. This rule is non-negotiable.

The model release explains that I own the digital files and it gives me permission to use the images I took of you for my promotion and spells out any other conditional agreements.
Can I take pictures during the photo shoot?
No. If we're doing a themed shoot I don't want the surprise of the final images spoiled. However, ask me anyway. I do allow some types of photos to be shared.
Why do I have to leave your name on my picture?
The images you get for sharing on social websites are free and my name and logo must remain. It's how I advertise my work plus a picture with no name makes it harder for a magazine editor to find me and ask who the beautiful or handsome model was in the photo!
Do you sell enlargements?
I certainly do. The prints I make are custom printed by me one at a time using a Canon 8-color process printer and archival paper. And nope, that isn't the same thing you find at the drug stores and retail stores. I print 5x7's up to 13x19 but larger prints are available too. Prices start at $10 for a single 5x7.
Can I print my own copies of the free digital files?
The free digital images I give you are to share on the internet and are not high resolution files. They can be printed as wallets or 4x6 prints but anything larger must come from me if you want the best quality print.
Read the Photo Shoot FAQ's for more information about my shoots.

I put prices on the site but it all depends on what you want as to what the final cost might be. Check out the FAQ section on this page for regular photo shoot prices. For dance shoots click here.

I love what I do and I am honored that so many people have allowed me to photograph them or their kids with modeling interests. I hope you'll contact me and join that list.
*Shoot-n-Pick viewing is a way for you to see each shot on a 40" Samsung monitor just after it's taken. Now you don't have to wait on proofs to be prepared and posted online! You just select your favorites as you go.
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